Playing Chess?

Times have changed … Tell a child to play a game and most will snatch-up the nearest mobile device or PlayStation controller. So much for football in the street or tag in the yard. Kids’ games used to serve a purpose – build strong bodies, active minds, and social skills. But electronics don’t play by those rules.

That’s why child development experts are suggesting an old classic to remedy some new challenges … Chess! That’s right – no chords, sound effects, backstory videos, or screen names. After all, chess has been popular for 1,500 years, so it must be doing something right!

While chess certainly won’t build an athlete’s physique for your child, numerous studies have proven that it does deliver serious benefits that every parent should consider. Broadly speaking, it engages kids’ brains in numerous positive ways, while (at least temporarily) stemming the deluge of electronic noise. Think of it as a distraction with a purpose. And not just “something to keep the kids occupied.” Also … it’s fun! A win-win for parents AND kids.

Just look what Chess can do for your child …

¥ Encourage & reward hard work
¥ Improve focus that helps with math and reading skills
¥ Enhance memory & concentration
¥ AND Cultivate creativity, critical thinking, and logic

The end result … a happier, smarter, well-rounded child. AND big smiles for the proud parents….

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