ClassEnroll, Preferred Platform to discover Specialized Classes

Your child’s education is priceless. Just because they’re out of the classroom doesn’t mean they should (or you want them to) stare at their video games or cellphone the rest of the day. ClassEnroll is designed to revolutionize after school activities to keep your child engaged while they learn something new.

Based on your child’s unique interests, whether they enjoy Chess or want to join a Robotics class, ClassEnroll can help you organize your kids’ classes. Instead of you spending hours or even weeks trying to find the perfect kids’ classes, ClassEnroll does all the leg work for you.

Our classes are available for kids of all ages. Your child’s education is important to you, and our job is to make sure their after school time is spent both having fun and expanding their knowledge. We do our part by making booking extremely simple and efficient. After your initial class sign up, booking your next class is a single click away.

Free up your time and help your children learn on their downtime while having fun, all with ClassEnroll

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